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since 1997

Our History
In 1997 we started our craft business by opening a small weaving - NUOVA TESSITURA 2000 SNC - in a hamlet of Carpi, at the time the most important textile district of Emilia Romagna and one of the European capitals in fabrics and clothing productions.

We started with 13 circular knitting machines, working mainly for fashion companies in the area. Demands were many so we worked day and night with  commitment and tenacity to meet all our customers' needs, providing them with the product they were looking for and within the time they wanted.
Our goal was only one: to work for the largest Italian and foreign fashion houses by providing them with a product of excellence made in Italy. And we got paid. We expanded our Nuova Tessitura 2000  investing  in new knitting machines and consequently in a new factory; we hired additional staff and we also opened the commercial section of the company, our new project, PROJECT SRL.

Project srl is responsible for designing, manufacturing and selling its own fabrics; every season we create a new collection, studying first the trends of the moment, searching for high quality raw materials and finally choosing specialized partners to whom we entrust the process of finishing our product. The final result is a fabric with high technological content, quality and trend.
Our Machines
Our textile department is equipped with a wide range of machinery of different gauges, which include both electronic and jacquard machinery.

With 30 machines at our disposal, we are able to meet every need of our customers, ensuring flexibility and precision at every stage of the production process. Thanks to the diversification of our machinery, we are able to offer a complete range of fabrics and customized solutions, adaptable to the specific requirements of our customers. This allows us to keep up with market trends and maintain a high standard of quality and innovation in our textile products.
Project knitting machineProject knitting machineProject knitting machineProject knitting machine

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