Recycled and Organic Fibers

Recycled & Organic fibers

We tackled the Recycled & Organic theme with various types of fibers, starting from CASHMERE, passing through BIO-ALPACA and ending with the NOT DYED WOOL.

It's essential present to our customers simple items with a special note, given in this case by the fine fibers we used.
  • Art. RODI - RENO - DANKO: some items made with recycled WS-PA and Organic Cotton;
  • Art. BUDAPEST: an item made with a not dyed WO+WP (natural color of the wool) and Organic Cotton. It’s a jacquard base with a "sponge" effect. Customer can choose between three different versions: a basic version and two different types of design;
  • Art. ZOCCA: an item made with WO+WP (natural color of the wool) with a cloth effect, suitable for a men’s jacket or a women light coat.

Art. Rodi
Art. Danko
Art. Budapest
Art. Zocca dis. Unito
Art. Zocca

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