Wrinkeld and Bonded fabrics

We had never proposed before a wrinkled and bonded fabric at the same time.  By wrinkling and bonding a classic Jacquard fabric we are able to totally change its vision, updating it and adding a note of uniqueness and craftsmanship. This type of processing has been applied both on designed and united bases. For those who love a wrinkled effect but maintaining the fluidity of the fabric, we also created the un-bonded version. The result it's a more sagging but still draped and elegant fabric. Last but not least as particular effect is definitely bonding two different fabrics together, thus creating a three-dimensional effect.

Cutomers can choose between differents types of pleating, depending on their needs.

Handcrafts Made in Italy

To do this particular type of processing we chose a local partner to whom entrust our fabrics. We were sure that they knew how to enhance our fabrics, making them even more unique by giving them a sofisticated handmade look.

Art. Bravo_Plisse'_Accoppiato
Art. Scintilla_Plisse' and Art. Sparkle_Plisse'
Art. Cortina_Lux_Plisse'_Accoppiato
Art. Canazei_Plisse'_Accoppiato
Art. Vanilla and Vanillina Plisse'_Accoppiato

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